Thursday, January 10, 2008

Whassup ?

Can't quite fathom whats happening with the cash game at minute, I'm losing badly on my favorite site - 'Betfair' - but winning on my other 2 cash sites - Party Poker, and Will Hill. I'm missing every draw, and every bluff I make keeps getting called down. Wheres the opposite is happening on Party Poker where I've busted AA with 57s, ATs with 54o and 2 Pair with a rivered strait. On Betfair I've had KK busted twice for big pots and not seen AA in 3 sessions.
I'm determined not to tilt too much, and so I'm reverting back to STT on Betfair until my balance is looking more respectable.

Tonight I'm playing a couple of Freerolls with Tournament prizes up for grabs - one promoted by Poker Verdict, and another by Inside Poker. I will be using these as practice more than having any expectations to win with only 1st Place in each getting decent first prizes, the final table on each get entry into big tourneys.

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