Thursday, January 10, 2008

Normal Service will be Resumed ASAP

So much for my STT Bankroll build up on Betfair, they apparently wont be back up until tomorrow morning, due to some sort of upgrade.
Played in both the Freerolls tonight, and pretty pleased with my play without actually winning anything. The Bodog won a nice few pots albeit small ones, then after raising 4*BB got my AA busted when the caller with his 63s hit trip 6's on the flop - that cost me a fair few chips. I eventually went out pushing JJ into KK. Finished 71/120.
The Betfair freeroll, I doubled up early on then went card dead through the middles stages, and on an aggressive table its difficult to pull bluffs off - so nicked a few blinds here and there then nursed a small stack into 23/395 - and I was pleased with my reads and calls.

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