Sunday, January 13, 2008

Britney Ferrys

I don't have much connection with modern music, and current trends and flavours. But as a parent of a teenage daughter I can only wonder what went wrong with Britney Spears ?

If her family have any thought for her well being then they should be bloody ashamed of themselves. If they had tried their best and shes is still intent on destroying herself then its difficult to face, but there isn't an awful lot more they can do - except hope. But from the stories we read in the press it never appears as though she has anyone to help her, just hangers on wanting to make a quick buck at her expense.
She was (is) a talented young lady, but she has been brought up in a Candy Cotton TV World, and appears to have very little grip on reality stumbling from one calamity to another. Her looks have gone, and she has put on weight, looking more akin to Brittany Ferries than Britney Spears.
Yet I heard her latest single on the radio the other day, and its a real good piece of 'Pop' with a good sound and cracking lyrics. So she still obviously has talent, its just a pity that the way she is heading she may not be around many more years to nurture it, as she seems to be a suicide waiting to happen.

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