Sunday, January 13, 2008

Roll On Roll Off Ferry

Now with similar traits to Britney Spears, we here in the UK have our own equivalents - Amy Winehouse springs immediately to mind - but this post is referring to Miss (?) Kerry Kantona.
As opposed to Britney and Amy who do have a degree of talent, we have here the epitome of UK 'Trailer Trash' who has nothing resembling anything like talent, her CV reads

1. Can't sing a note, but joined a manufactured Girl Group because I'm loud and gave the manager good head

2. Left aforementioned Girl Group just before they had there first No.1 single

3. Married the Fat Strait guy from a manufactured Boy Band

4. Made a fortune selling our Wedding Photos to "OK Now I'm a Celebrity Freerolling Whore Monthly"

5. Knocked out a few sprogs as down payment on an early retirement policy

6. Appeared on a TV Reality show in the Jungle, where I refused to do any of the tasks they asked of me - But cried a lot, and said how much I missed my kids

7.Somehow I Won the fucking show ?

8.Voted Mum of the Year - This was probably voted for by the same retards that voted for me to win the Jungle Show

9. Divorced Fat Lad

10.Cried a Lot to the papers saying how hard done by I've been

11.Shagged my Best mates bloke and married him

12. - See point 4 & 5 &10

I am struggling why we, the British Public, are in the slightest interested in this Z List tub of lard. The only place I can imagine she would be popular is in a night club near kicking out time. She's the stereotypical ugly bird with big tits, and your last chance of a shag before the 10 pints kick in and you miss your last bus home.

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