Monday, January 14, 2008

Swimming with your Pajamas on

Can you remember getting your swimming grades at school ?

Where you had to swim varying distances, using various strokes, and then you did a bit of lifesaving on your best mate - nearly drowning him over the numerous attempts you took at getting it right.
Other disciplines included giving the kiss of life something that resembled the top half of blow up doll, and retrieving 3 tonne weights from the bottom of the deep end.
Well we also had a part of the grade that required you to tread water in a pair of your old pajamas, and whilst treading water you had to remove said pajamas and then hold them above your head when the task was complete. I hasten to add that your were allowed to wear swimming trunks under said pajamas !! (I know that swimming teachers have a prevalence for being closet paedophiles, but as far as I was aware the ones that taught us were kosher).
Anyway what I'm trying to get round to saying is that my Poker at the minute is a little bit like treading water with your pajamas on. I'm trying as hard as I can to keep my head above water, and get my pajamas above my head - but the harder I kick the further my head keeps going under the water, I'm just hoping that I don't drown.

Failing that lets pray that someone like Pamela Anderson is on hand to give me the Kiss of Life, and that I don't drown on Hasselehoffs watch.


Gaz Billingham said...

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voiceofjoe said...

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