Sunday, February 24, 2008

DTD - A Visit is on the Horizon

I had a monthly newsletter from DTD, and was pleased to read that they now do a £25 Freezeout at the club - on a Wednesday. That buy-in is more suitable for my wallet, and a trip is being planned for the Wednesday before Good Friday - as I'm off work that week, and will hope to bring along a few of the regulars from the Ace of Clubs poker club, to make an evening of it.

This week saw a Live Cash at the Friday Night game, it was only a regular buy-in game - but I'm grateful for any cash there, as it seems a long time since my last one. I finished third when I pushed my Pocket 8's and got called by A9 - only to see a 9 on the Flop, and another on the River for good measure. I tried to play more akin to the final stages of a STT when we where 3 handed, with an All-In or Fold game. But the other 2 players kept wanting to see flops and I kept getting value to call. I'm not sure if that was right approach for the endgame from my perspective, although I would have fancied my chances of outplaying at least one of the last 2 players most times post flop, so maybe I should have just let them limp in and not try to force the result.

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