Saturday, March 01, 2008

February Summary

I was resigned to this being my first losing month for a while, after my poor NLHE Cash exploits - aligned with a couple of bigger than normal MTT Buy-Ins in an attempt to qualify for the Virgin Festival at Newcastle. And so it came to be, although I did rally a little over the last week, I ended the month with a loss of $19-83 - not catastrophic by any means !
So for March my plan is to continue with the Cash HORSE Games that I have been playing for the last 7 days - as a replacement for the NLHE. I'm playing at 0.50/$1 Level and have given myself a stop loss of $10 a day.
Full Tilt will see me back on my favorite from last year the 18 Man STT's.
Betfair will be where I play my Regular MTT's, all this aligned with any specials or Freerolls that may turn up - heres hoping to get back to winning ways in March

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