Monday, March 03, 2008


It was leg 5 of the Betfair/Poker Player Grand Prix last night - Deep Stack with 5000 starting chips and 20 minute blinds. Really liked this structure, it allows you to see quite a few flops and isn't all push and shove pre-flop.
The top 30 points scorers at the end of the competition win entry to a live final in London and a chance of a £12000 Package at the WSOPE, I was lying in 15th before tonight - but the double points would have a big bearing on the table.
After the first hour I was had just less than my starting stack, but never having any hands of significance - but stealing a pot here and there whilst in position. After the second hour things were looking up I had around 8000 chips - slightly less than average - but we were down to the last 300 players, from the initial starting quantity of 550. Another hour and I had again picked and pecked and remained slightly behind the average. Then I managed to get in cheaply from the BB after a minimum raise UTG (This always seems to say a massive hand) and a call from the SB, I held T3s and the flop came 9TT. The SB checked and I threw out a steal bet from the BB - then joy of joys the original Raiser then came all in OTT. As I held one of the Tens the only hand I could see him min-raising with that I was behind to was 99 - but I was sure I was in front so I called him and he turned KK the turn, river where blanks and I doubled up. Lovely !!
I then knocked out a couple of shortstacks and was doing very well and playing well when Mr Bad Beat sat down with me at the table .
I was now in 10th position and looked down at KK UTG+1, the blinds were now 500/1000 with ante so the pots were getting quite big. UTG puts in a raise of 4000, I had been on his table for the last hour and he was pretty loose player, making a few loose calls and IMO poor calls. The 4000 raise spoke as though it was a good hand, but he wasn't over keen to see a flop with it - so I thought TT,99 or a medium pair. I rerasied to 15000 and everyone else folded. It gets back to him and after a short wait he pushes all-in - I had no worries he was playing Aces so was happy to call - and he turned JJ. The flop came xxx but then came the kick in the goolies and another Jack fell on the turn -aaaaaaaarghhh. My only hope now was a King on the river ....... and the river brought ANOTHER JACK ........Bastard.
That buts him into second place overall, and I'm left with $6k facing the BB of $1k next hand. I eventually wait until I can get a half decent hand to push with and when presented with A8 I push against 1 limper - who turns QQ and hits another Q on the flop for me to depart in 93rd - and no points.

The day ends on another bad note when I return to play a bit of HORSE cash and lose my days stop loss limit of $10. So I hit the off button and retire for the evening.

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