Wednesday, March 12, 2008

All Quiet on the Western Front

Not posted for a few days as very little out of the ordinary happened in my Poker World over the last week or so, on the positive side I'm making small but regular daily profits -and building my bankroll is a long term thing so as long as its heading in the right direction I'm happy.
The main contributor to the positive figures are the HORSE 0.50/$1 Cash Games on PokerStars, where I'm setting myself a Stop/Loss figure of $10 a session - so if I make $10 profit I leave, or if I make $10 Loss I leave. So far I'm showing $95 Profit from 14 Sessions, which is good going and very disciplined of me to stick to my Bankroll rules !!

The tourneys continue to disappoint, I'm playing a slightly more loose style than I used to, and while I feel I've improved and I'm playing better for it, the results aren't backing up my feelings.

I've also enrolled in a League Freeroll STT Tourney through PuntersLounge/PokerRoom - its a pretty complicated format but ultimately we should earn some cash for no outlay so thats good also.

I'm still on track to go to DTD next Wednesday, and WASP (who won a Tournament in Las Vegas during the last WSOP ) from PuntersLounge is also going to head down there on the Wednesday so hopefully one of us will cash - I'm also hoping that there may be a few UK Professionals in there, I'd especially like to meet (former Blogger) Julian Thew who has been ripping up the UK tournaments since he ceased Blogging.

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gl at DTD mate