Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm Crap - It's Official

I've tried aggressive , I've tried passive, I've tried Full Ring , I've tried 6-Max, I've tried Pot Limit, I've tried No-Limit, I've tried every which way and loose.

But it just doesn't fookin work for me - I am now officially calling time on NLHE Cash Games.

I went on Pokerstars tonight, feeling awake and concentrating - but bang I lose 2 buy-ins within 2 hours. The last hand I was well and truly outplayed pushing all-in with Trip Aces against his Full House.I can now see no way back this month, and its damage limitation mode for the next 10 days.

I'm pretty fair at STT's, but its such a grind making a profit. Same in MTT's, if I'm not multi tabling I can play some good poker for my level, the problem with MTT's is that there is such a long downswing before you can click with the Tourney win that catapults your profit figure into the black.

However I will persevere and any profit is better than no profit at all - I didn't have a losing month last year, this one looks like being the first for 18 months. So from now on it’s Tourneys all the way.

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Dremeber said...

Same here, although this month I'm actually making some money on the cash tables. Maybe you are playing at the wrong stakes or at the wrong room.
I'm a loosing player at the 0.03/0.06 tables but I'm making my profit on the 0.10/0.25 full ring tables. The problem I have at the lowest limits is that nobody can lay down a hand resulting in immense and expensive suck outs.

Gl with the MTTs.