Monday, February 18, 2008

Poker Magazines are just like London Buses ....

You wait ages for one to come along then two come at once, today I received my Monthly copies of Poker Player and Inside Poker. To say both magazines are published by the same company, its piss poor planning on somebodies part. We have 4 weeks (at least) in a month, surely it would make more sense, both in a financial and common sense, to distribute the magazines at 2 weekly intervals ??

People who purchase the magazines from newsagents are surely more likely to choose one over the other if they both appear on the shelves at the same time ?
I would then probably never buy the other magazine, as if a magazine came out this week I wouldn't buy it 2 weeks after its release as the news will have been read elsewhere, and the freerolls and offers may well have expired -
Come on Alun and Dave have a word in big Mr Dennis' ear and get the releases staggered.

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ROSSI said...

LOL, yeah my 2 magazines came yesterday aswell, after what seems like a month with nothing to read.
Well i get WPT mag as well so that splits it up.