Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another Week on Rations

Spent another week working away - which is why I cant update this so regularly at the moment as these Blogs are banned by the works Internet filter - so limited Poker Playing again this week. I managed to get into the League match this Wednesday and busted in 11th when my KK got beat by 88. The Betfair Poker Player tourney was short lived also, I think I've virtually blown my chance of qualifying for this now, as I've missed 2 games completely and didn't even get the 5 points for registering.
This week I've been playing on Betfair and after a terrible start in a low stakes NLHE Cash game, and a couple of STT's - I decided to try my hand at Heads Up cash games, as I've always thought myself to be quite good at the Heads Up stages of Tourneys, and something seems to be working OK with these at the minute as I finished the week up $25 after such a poor start on Monday.
Then tonight I've just finished 4th in a PuntersLounge Private tournament for a nice $147.

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