Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hi-Lo Silver Lining

Working away again this week, but we now have limited Internet Access - so I've had my own PC logged in after 7pm and being trying to keep my profit on target for the month.
This wasn't without difficulty however, as I only have the one site (Full Tilt) on my 'brick' of a laptop, and I was scheduled to play a League game on Wednesday at PokerRoom.
I attempted to download the software, but this violated the Companies 'Net' access !! - luckily you can play on this site without the need for download via 'Instant Play' where the site appears in your web browser.
So 5 minutes before 'kick off' I clicked instant play and waited for the site to load .... enter Username..... enter Password ..... so far so good. Then 'YOUR VERSION OF JAVA NEEDS UPDATING' .... shit !!
Logged through the link, and began the Java download .... 10 minutes later, downloaded and installed and I can see the tourney lobby, and click into my game - success !! Only 2 players playing, everyone else is a sit out. So I click I'm back and ... nothing.... my Laptop is so slow it just not possible to play on the Instant Play screen.
Then I get a bright idea, I'll play in the web page on the works PC - so I kick that up and go through the login procedure again. No JAVA installed on this either !!... another 10 minutes later and I eventually get back on to my game, and can click and everything !! By this time there is only one actual player left and he's merrily mopping up all the blinds from us sitouts - so I only have around 400 chips left. First hand I can play I see KJo in the big blind , he min raises (nicking the dead blinds again) so I push all-in expecting a fold. He calls with 99 i don't improve and I'm out in 19th of 20 !!

On a more positive note the other excursions onto the felt have been more productive and playing 0.5/$1 Stud Hi-Lo I have had 2 nice sessions winning over $30 a time, align this with a couple of STT losses and a 18 man STT win meant a nice profit on the week with limited access.

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