Saturday, April 12, 2008

Poker with the Adams Family

I've now found access to the Internet that allows me to play a bit of Poker while I'm away which is a great relief, I'm only currently playing on Full Tilt, but with a bit of luck should be able to get a few more sites going next week.

While I was away I managed to track down a Pub that host Nuts Poker League games, so I turned up on Tuesday and waited around for someone to begin the set up - 1/2 hr after the advertised time a young guy appeared with a couple of fold up Poker Tables, and soon I was sat down playing. I'm not trying to disrespect the good people of Dunstable here - but the assortment of players on my table looked like the had just called in from a (very low budget)remake of 'The Adams Family'.

To my left was Grandpa Adams with a permanent grin, and vacant stare - he rivered a Jack High Strait in one hand and somehow managed to smile his way benignly, whilst a young guy looking like he dropped out of the education system just after Nursery, showed down a pair of Kings and took all the chips !

To my right was a 3ft version of Lurch, with hunched shoulders who spoke in grunts and snorts. When it was his turn to deal the cards he managed to deal at least 3 cards round allowing you to a clear view of the card before placing it in front of the player, he also had an annoying habit of getting the Turn and River Cards placed on the table ready to turn over strait after he had dealt the flop. This wasn't too problematically until on one deal the table began throwing their Mucked Cards on top of the unexposed Turn and River cards, which saw him frantically scrabbling the mucked cards off so he could keep the unexposed cards clear.

Then directly across from me we had a 50yrs+ Morticia Adams lookalike with Jet black hair and makeup applied by Wimpeys.

Everyone seemed to play nearly every hand, we had an all in preflop with 42 who managed to get a Full House by the river J4 and 36 where also played to bets preflop and managed to make Full Houses. I lasted until 1 from the final table and went back to my hotel to sleep, but I may return next week for another crack - this time I will be carrying a clove of garlic in my pocket

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