Monday, May 26, 2008

An Actors Life for Me...

They are filming a BBC Movie at our local Football Ground (Saltergate, Chesterfield) and in the previous weeks local rag were advertising for Extras for the crowd scenes. The movie is based on a best selling novel called 'The Damned United' by Dave Pearce - which depicts, using factual events but with a bit of poetic licence, the reign of Brian Clough in his 44 days as manager of Leeds United, which took place back in 1974.

Although I was only young when it happened I can remember it fairly well, as in my younger days Leeds United were the team I followed. Plus my dad has always been a bit of a Derby fan, and we used to get tickets from the landlord of my dads local to go and see Leeds when they went to the Baseball Ground.

So anyway last Wednesday me and my dad went along to 'enrol' as Extras - we had our mug shots taken and were given a brief description of what would be required and a background to the film and its stars. We were told the crowd scenes were due to be shot on Tuesday and Wednesday this week - but the phone call never came and we were told by relatives that it had been on the local radio news that over 600 people had been chosen, so slightly disappointed, but these things happen.

Then this evening around 5:30pm our telephone rang, and it was the 'Assistant Director for Crowd Scenes' ringing to ask if me and dad could make a shoot on Thursday !! Very nice, and something a little bit different to enlighten my week .

Anyway, I just need to get a days holiday signed off and I'll update with Thursday happenings later in the week ......

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