Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back Home ....

After 6 weeks working away I'm now back to a normal routine, been back most nights online this week and visited Ace of Clubs for the first time in a long time. The blog will now hopefully be updated more regularly.

Went out fairly early at the Weekly live game, I was absolutely card dead all night - and never even saw a flop that would have improved my hand if I'd played the crap I was being dealt. But I made a small playing profit on the night when took the honours in a Winner Takes All SitNGo.

On the way home I got stopped by the Police, about 2 miles from home. I know the Police have a difficult job protecting the community we live in, but I've never yet come across a traffic cop that doesn't think he is 'The Almighty' Incarnate - this one was no different.

"Is this your Car, sir?" ....
"Yes, Officer" -- Do you think I'd nick a Rustbucket 'P' Reg Mondeo ?
"Do you know the speed limit for this stretch of road ?"
"Yes, Officer - 30 mph" --I once got stopped for speeding and said I didnt know the Speed Limit of the road, and that Officer informed me I could get done for driving without due care and attention !!, so this time I gave him a strait answer --
"And do you know what speed you where travelling at"
"Yes, Officer - about 30 mph" -- As though I was really going to give a different answer
"It was nearer 40 mph when you went through the Limit signs"
"Well when I looked at my Speedo it was only 30 "
"And have you had a drink tonight ?"
"Yes, Officer - 2 Pints" --Come on you knob breathalyse me
"You've had 2 Pints ?"
"Yes, Officer - Two Pints of Coca Cola" -- Now fuck off and catch some real criminals

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