Sunday, June 08, 2008

I've Lost that Loving Feeling

A bit pissed of with the old Poker at the minute - I've been playing the Stud/Stud HiLo cash games and totally missing every draw possible - First 4 Suited .... last 3 cards all Blanks - First 4 Running Cards .... last 3 all Blanks - First 4 suited, next 2 giving open ended Strait also .... Final Card blank.
So turning my attention to a few STT's and in the money 50% of time but only 1 win in the 14 I've played. In the latter stages of STT's you only need the one Bad Beat and it cripples you. The last 2 games are good examples of the beats I'm having at the moment .... AQ vs A5 he hits a 5 on the flop. AK vs 33 the board brings 8TQ-8-6.
I've also tried my luck in a few MTT's - 34th of 300 top 30 get paid was my closest - but TBH I know MTT's aren't really the medium for making consistent small profits, and are more 1 big hit then a period of quiet. I'm at a bit of a loss now what to try next, I know I'm only $40 down - but I don't want to start chasing the big win and throwing good money after bad, I maybe should just knuckle down and grind it back on the cash tables.
It doesn't help that the $100 I'm owed from the Team Tournie last month hasn't arrived in my account yet.

On a brighter note 4 PuntersLounge players have won packages to the WSOP through an Inside Poker/ Everest Promotion.
One of them has a link to their blog on the right , Philossify an Idle Life for Me and another of them has already had 15 minutes worth of fame this year Runadrum Down Under. (Lets hope he can make it a full 1/2 hour !!) plus the other two Glceud - A Grumpy Scotsman ;) ........... and BoroK

Good Luck to all of them

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