Sunday, June 15, 2008

That was the Week that was....

Sorry, First update for a week but its easier to think when relaxing on a Sunday morning - Happy Fathers Day to all my readers btw.
This week has seen a slight turnaround with the Cash situation and I'm now showing a slight profit for the month. I spent most of Yesterday accruing Ladbrokes Player Points to qualify for a $300k Freeroll on Monday Evening as part of the Ladbrokes Billionth Hand Promotion. Completed the task and came out the other side with a $5 profit !!

Played at Ace of Clubs on Friday evening - was going along very well until a moment of madness saw me donk of my Chips to the only guy on the table who had a bigger stack than me. I completely misread him putting him on 2 overcards to a raggy board, after I'd hit middle pair and he immediately re-raised me. I then pushed all in - what a twat - I know he's a steady ABC player and that by re-raising he certainly had at very least an Over Pair to the board, in fact he turned Trips and I went out just before the final table ! How many times I do these knee-jerk calls is untrue - its a big problem in my game that I have to cut out. I think it comes down to a type of arrogance on my part - as though after their re-raise I'm thinking 'How can you think , that your a better player than me - I'm going to push all-in know to teach you a lesson'. And I always end up on my arse.
4 of the lads from the Club flew to the APAT Dublin tourney strait after the Friday night Club game - and from updates on the APAT website yesterday I followed their progress.

Early news was mixed when we heard back after the first hour that 1 was short stacked, 2 were doing OK and the other wasn't at his seat missing presumed Out.

Mike Saban kept requesting updates on the other 3 still left in, and by the end of the evening Karl Jones, and Mike Gribben who had been the OK stacks where out - but Kev Ridley who had been the shortstack had made the final 20 with 74,000 a better than average Stack great news. !!

Then looking down the other chip stacks of the final 20 I happen upon the Chip Leader --Mark Barsley - 148,000

Mark is the other one of the 4 who was missing presumed out after the first hour !! - .
I had Mark sat next to me on my right in the Friday night game, until he busted out early - and if he's playing like he did on Friday night then it just confirms that Poker is indeed a game of luck and not skill ;)
Anyway joking aside, if the facts are correct its fantastic news for both of them. Fingers crossed going into the Final Day today.

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