Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mixed Bag

Decided not to go to the Live DTD Satellite for next weeks Virgin Festival, a couple of reasons made my mind up
1.We only have 1 car at the minute due to the wife having a prang in the other one - which means relying on relatives to ferry to and fro Sunday evening.
2. £35 (i.e $70) is almost 7 x my usual max buy-in, and just for a Satellite doesn't really work on my Bankroll
3. This Friday is the big buy-in at Ace of Clubs with £500 added - so a field of Max 24 for prize or 2 fields of 80 then a field of 250, I'll take the smaller field anytime.

Anyway Poker this week has been a case of what might have been, in the few tourneys I've played I've finished in the money without having a big cash. The cash games have been up and down with the main loss being when I stumbled into a $1-NL Stud Game by accident and ended up losing $20 before I realised my error :( Then in tonight's Poker God when going holding an above average stack I got hasty and made a very loose push holding second pair on a raggy board, after raising a limper pre-flop from the BB. Thinking (hoping) he was holding Ace-Big I pushed my second pair of 6's into his overpair of JJ and he hit a J on the turn for good measure, knocking me out 33rd of 360 with the top 30 getting points.

My attempt at getting a Quiz team has fell flat on 2 fronts both at Work and amongst the Poker Playing fraternity - I had one definite member in each team but for a game that required three in a team 2 teams of two didn't work.

On a home front its been an expensive week preparing for our holidays and just generally eating !! - The news about the poor economy and rising inflation really rings true when you get to the checkout and the Supermarkets, things are tight financially for everyone at the moment.

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