Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hola - Por Favor

Well that's about the limit of my Spanish, but i´m getting by as I laze the week away in Menorca. No Poker since Saturday, and none in prospect until this Sunday.
Although I have brought a few Poker Books to pass away the hours by the pool. I´ve just finished reading ´Swimming with the DevilFish´ by Des Wilson, a factual book regaling tales of the players from the Live UK pokerscene. I was far from impressed by it, having read ´Big Deal´ by Tony Holden this book although written along a similar thread isn´t a patch on Tony Holdens - the tales are told almost matter of fact with none of the humour or drama found in ´Big Deal´- I actually bought ´Bigger Deal´(The sequel to ´Big Deal´) last year and have it stowed away in the bottom of some cupboard somewhere,unopened, I wish i´d took more effort to find that than lay out €10 for this rubbish.
Ah well at least the weathers warm......

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