Thursday, July 17, 2008

WSOP 2008 - What happened to all the Brits ?

First we suffer the humiliation of Euro 2008, having no English representative - not even a reserve team from the colonies to make up the numbers, that we could adopt and cheer on as British.Now the WSOP has been and gone without a British bracelet, and just one runners-up (I think it was just James Akenhead that made it close) place to show for this once Great Nation - and then to top it all not one of the final 9 WSOP main Event finalists is British either.
I think we need some National Lottery Funding for UK Poker - can we get ´Tikay´and APAT filling out the request forms.... or maybe our two great Poker Mags can lobby for Poker to be classed as an Olympic Event in 2012.
Seriously though what went wrong


There was in fact a British winner, so apologies to Marty Smith from Northern Ireland who won a $10k World Championship Event

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