Monday, July 07, 2008

Poker Tuition the Tiger Woods Way

Well I'm half way through Harrington on Cash Vol 1, and its turning out to be one of the most expensive books I've ever bought !! Trying to follow it's principles, but the barsteds on the tables haven't read the script.
In the past I've beaten these Micro Limits quite easily - but re-visiting them after around 6 months, and either the standard of players in these cash games has improved 10 fold, or I've regressed 10 fold - I'm hoping its the former and not the latter. I'm almost 5 buy-ins down already, and the sessions usually follow one of 2 paths - I win a little bit, or lose a bloody lot.

I'm determined to see it through, but may read through both volumes to get the full effect before donating much more at these limits.

As I've said before the Harrington Tourney Books had an adverse effect on my tourney play in the short term, but absorbing the ideas those books taught made me a far better player long term.

Like taking lessons from a Golf Pro after playing the game without tuition - He'll alter your stance, swing, grip and the first time you go back out on the Golf Course you'll shoot 20 shots worse than you normally would - but within the round a couple of the shots would have felt like you where playing as a pro does. Then the next time, after a few more lessons, you'll only shoot 10 shots worse than normal. Until eventually all the changes make you swing, stand, and grip like a professional and will seem so natural and you'll have reduced your handicap from a hit and miss 18 handicapper, to a very good single figure player.

By December I'll by taking down Phil Ivey

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