Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Flaming June

Finished the Month with a flurry giving an Overall Profit of $269 - all the profit coming from MTT's and (very) small losses on the Cash and STT.

I've still not received the $90 from the Team Event that we earned in May - that's been promised at the close of the Tournament this month.

Also this month I'll be trying my hand again at the NLHE Tables, starting low and (hopefully) working up - I've put around $100 on 'Virgin' to see what I can make happen working with my Harrington Cash Game Books at my side :)
Another reason I chose Virgin was the raked hands earn entry into the VPoints Freerolls - as at the my current Micro Stakes the rakeback isn't a big issue, and I reckon I can probably earn more from a months worth of (well paid) Freerolls like Virgin Offer.

I've had an EMail today regarding the fact that there are still a few spaces left on the Live Poker Player Event at Walsall (£50 Buy-In) this Saturday - which tempts me a little (?)

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