Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hey, I run good !!

Better week all around on the Poker front with a $250 profit from both online and live play.

Started on Monday evening when looking I cashed for in second place on Poker Trillions $500 Guaranteed $10 Freezeout. With only 37 players we had a fair overlay before starting and I played good solid poker, resisting my recent 'leak' of refusing to believe aggression against me and respecting peoples raises (or not) based on my observations of their previous play. I've also begun playing more aggressive with position taking down some fair pots preflop which help keep the average up.
On a side not anyone who hasn't come across Poker Trillion may want to give them a look, there are regular overlays on their guaranteed tournaments.
I then cashed again on Trillion in a forum challenge game, an incredible 'chip and chair' performance saw me come from 11th of 11 (with 10 paid) holding 51 chips with blinds at 750/1500 to build up to $5k and then donk my stack off in 10th place :(

Friday was the 'Snowball' Tournament at my local card room - a £20 buy-in with £500 added to the prize fund, must say I was felling pretty confident with my tourney game, from the early weeks performances and my game plan was not to do anything stupid and let a lot of the others get knocked out at the lower blind levels.This being $10k starting stacks there is always plenty of time in these events, but most of the regulars fail to adapt and still play as though they only have the usual $2k starting stacks. However my plan didn't go to form when I lost a fair wedge chasing the flush against an opponent holding AA, levelled with the fact that it must have been almost 50 minutes before we had our first casualty.
I eventually found myself pretty short stacked and decided to push against an early position raise and short stacked caller, whilst holding 77 on the button. The early raiser folded and the short stack called showing AQ - I won the race and doubled through.
Made the final table as a short stack, but selective blind steals and others dropping out saw me on the 'Bubble' ,with 6 left,as around second shortest stack - a standard raise from UTG by one of the 3 'loose' players left and I look down at JJ in the small blind and come back over the top - all-in. Big Blind folds and UTG is pot committed with the blinds as big as they are so calls turning QKs. Flop comes xxQ and I'm resigned to going out on the bubble, until a lovely J on the Turn sees me double through and the initial raiser is crippled, and out next hand. I eventually finish 4th for £66 ($132) profit after getting caught stealing with 65o and running into AKo, I hit my 6 on the turn but the Ace came on the river and I was out.
Still good week overall, and I've just received my Harrington on Cash books yesterday, so will give them a read over the next few weeks and then plan to invest a 'Cash Roll' on a site and see if I can become proficient at Ring Games and earn a few extra $'s

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Pud's Poker said...

The problem with Poker Trillion is they are very shady. Search for the split with the Boss network and how they lied about everything.

They have huge overlays for a reason mate, be very careful.