Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Art Imitates Life

Little time for Poker this week, as we are doing a whirlwind tour of the English seaside towns. Blackpool Yesterday, Skegness Today, Yarmouth Tomorrow - such is the life of a High Roller !
We are actually going to Yarmouth from Skegness this evening, which will give my new Sat Nav a good workout, following on from its gentle introduction guiding us to and from Blackpool yesterday.
On the way back my fuel gauge hit, so revert to Sat Nav for nearest Petrol Stations, and lo behold directed us there with consummate ease ......... unfortunately it was closed down !
So select for next nearest, again strait there, again closed down ...........!!

Last night I arrived home to find my copy of 'Poker Player' on the doormat, a quick flick through it and I come across on P.13 a plug for a little Poker game. In fact the first line of the write up attracted my attention 'If your Bankroll is feeling the pinch,.....' .Its called 'Governor of Poker' and its quite good as a 'fun' only simulation, the task being to 'win' enough money playing Poker so you can buy up the whole of Texas. Anyway I had a quick game this morning, you get 2 games in a 'Game Day' one playing a tournament (Super Fast Blinds, raising every 3 hands !!) and one simulating a cash game .......... and similar to how I run on the real sites I placed or won every Tournament and lost my buy in on every cash game :(

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