Monday, August 04, 2008

Blaaaaaaaaah !!

Yes think that sums my night up !!

Lost on the cash tables, back level(ish) on the month
Bubbled in 5th an 18 Man STT from leading with 5 left, and one guy having less than 1 BB left !!
..... and to top it all went out last in the Bloggerment when I out thought myself !! -

I'd been raising pretty liberally in the first level, with varying degrees of hands, I then raised Mr Clouds BB with a decent holding of AQs and he re-raised me, I thought, that he thought, that I was raising with junk - so I thought he was re-raising me with junk, but my the time I realised he might have a hand I was virtually pot committed. He showed KK as I pushed it all-in on the turn with Ace High (!? - Ooops), no Ace on the turn and for my failure I now think I have to display this Monkey on my blog for a week.

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