Sunday, August 03, 2008

Guilty even when proven innocent

Barry George was on Friday acquitted of the murder of, BBC Crimewatch Presenter, Jill Dando after being convicted for he murder 7 years earlier in 2001. Yet I picked up 'The Sun' newspaper on Saturday morning and is the angle taken on the front page, that a serious miscarriage of justice occurred all those years ago .......... No.The Front Page Headline reads,

Barry George raped a Girl on her Doorstep. He broke into Princess Di's home in a Mask. He boasted he knew Jill Dando, today he's free ... SO WHO DID KILL JILL ?

Hey let's do away with the British Justice system, lets ignore the need for evidence and reasoned arguing , and the need for 12 good men and truth. In fact lets just give the responsibility of Bang'Em or Hang'Em to Rupert Murdoch and his unbiased tomes of intellectual wisdom.

RUPERT MURDOCH .... he's Australian, his ancestors are convicted felons ...... HE KNOWS A BAD'UN WHEN HE SEES ONE

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