Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fed Up

I'd had a couple of good days on the NLHE Cash tables making steady return, then tonight its all gone tits up. I lost over a buy-in on Cash, no massive pots just a few big ones that I didn't read correctly, mostly against players using a similar style to me. Aggressive pre-flop and happy to check call down the streets whilst they held overpairs to the board, or top pair no-kicker and I was betting top pair to their overpairs and second pair to theit top pairs, very frustrating style as they show no strength leading you to believe they're drawing and have missed.
The only hand I feel bad about, and this may even put me on slight tilt, was when I had the low end of a possible board strait and a, normal tight, player who had raised pre-flop had bet every street, then came over me all-in on the River.

I held 3s 4d in the Big Blind..

He raised 3*BB pre-flop, I called

Flop 5d-6d-8c - he then bet just over 1/2 pot, I called

Turn 9h He then bet just under 1/2 the pot I called

River 2s - I hit the low end of strait bet 3/4 pot, he pushes all in giving me odds of around 2.3/1 to call

To be quite truthful, I didn't see the possible 9 high strait until he'd pushed all-in ! But looking back on his betting pattern I still feel I was wrong to fold.

I also finished Unplaced in 2 STT's tonight and dropped $10 at Stud, so its been one of the worst nights I've had for a long time. As tonight is the last day of the month my final figure took a battering, but, thanks solely to the Team Competition money being paid out this month, I finished around $60 up - but in reality it was a bad month.

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