Friday, July 25, 2008

A Night of Comedy and WWE

Took the wife out to a local 'Comedy Club' last night, it was the first time we've ever been and there where 3 'new' acts, plus a compere. The comedians were of mixed standard, but the highlight of the night came at the Interval.

The compere had just been on reviewing a caption competition that the audience had completed, in an effort to win tickets for next months show, during the telling of these captions he made a joke at the expense of one of the audience.
As we were sat in the Interval the husband of the lady who had been the target of the Joke confronted the compere and they had, what appeared to be a heated argument, whilst standing either side of a bar area. Then the husband, who must have been around 6ft and 20 + stone, walked around to the side of the bar where the compere stood, he was slightly smaller and skinny as a rake, grabbed the compere by the throat with one hand, lifted him off the floor then threw him to the ground !! Swiftly followed by the (midget) doorman and another member of the public trying to pull him off this 'no longer laughing' comedian. ................... And all that at no extra cost to the paying public !!

The fat guy, and his wife, where shown the door and the compere had a little fresh material for his second act.

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