Friday, July 25, 2008

DTD Wednesday Night

Went to DTD with Mike n Lou Saban on Wednesday, for the £25 Buy-In tourney - I started OK hitting a set holding a pair of 8's against a player holding TT. Although a J and A on the turn and river slowed down the betting quite a bit. Then around 15 hands later I looked down at a pair of Kings after UTG had raised, I re-raised and the shortstack BB pushed all-in. The initial raiser pushed all-in also, and I called (I had both of them covered for chips). Shortstack turns 88 and initial raiser turns the other 2 Kings - we split the pot as the shortstack departs.

But apart from those 2 hands I was virtually card dead, I folded a couple of half decent starting hands when faced with 3 All-Ins both times. Eventually I fell away in 60th when moved to another table a guy with mountains of chips puts in a standard button raise, I'm now incredibly short stacked with an M of around 2.5 so I look down at AJo in the SB and push for my last 1900 chips, its just 450 for him to call. He calls, turns 92o (!) and sees the flop come 9-x-2 and I'm out.
Lou went out early doors, and Mike went out in 39th - I'm still not a proficient live player, at this type of venue, my mind tends to drift a little between hands, and I've yet to spot a tell of any kind on anyone :).

More practice needed

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