Thursday, August 21, 2008

Won something, but not sure what ?

Played in a Bluff Magazine Freeroll tonight 493 Runners - Positions 10-27 get an entry into varying Satellites and Top 9 get entry into WCOOP - (Whatever that is ??) - I think its the Pokerstars Online WSOP equivalent, but no idea when it is and what time it starts, its probably going to be some un-godly hour UK Time, but I'll wait and see.

Anyway I won entry to that, after finishing in the Top 9 ! .......... Never look a gift Horse in the Mouth so the saying goes

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Mike & Lou said...

Nice Result Martyn, so which event are you going to play ? Ideally you want one where your not working the next day, as last year they were going on for about 14 hours + to reach FT's.

Good Luck