Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well got myself into the black for this month with a win in my very last tournament of the month -The Bloggerment Tourney, on Full Tilt. I've now won this the last 2 times I've entered .... which makes my lack of success during the rest of the month all the more frustrating !!
How come I can win this tourney against players who I know play higher buy-ins than me - yet I can't turn over regular profits in the low-buy in Tourneys I play in during the rest of the month. !?!

Although the Bloggerment game is a good structure, only 1500 Starting chips but the blinds are 10 mins, and with only around 16 players no-one gets too far in front too early.

Pretty pleased with my heads up again tonight, I had a 2-1 deficit going into heads up with Hammerheid and turned it around , then gave it him back before I turned it around yet again.

Anyway tonights tourney gives me a profit of $48-02 for the month - at this rate the day job will have given me up, before I get chance to give it up.

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Hairy Gymnast said...

Next week you'll start singing -
"Can I play you every week!!"