Saturday, September 06, 2008

Back on the Road Again...

I've been working in Dunstable all week, and I'm there again next week, so tonight (Friday) was the first chance to play poker this month - Won $36 in an 18 Man STT on 'Stars' and finished second for $175 in a $4 MTT on Cryptologic, so a good night all round.
We are out at a wedding tomorrow evening, and Sunday will be an early night for the 5am start Monday, so anymore Poker this week is going to be tricky - still $210 profit on the night is not to be sniffed at.

Working away next week is going to be a little strange as I'm taking the missus with me as well - we both work for the same firm and shes got to train some of the staff at the Dunstable warehouse this week, while I attempt to sort out the stock.

So we get a week in a Hotel all paid for by the company !! - Nice.

Although to be honest I could think of nicer places to spend a week in a Hotel than Bedfordshire.

I've decided to use my WCOOP Entry for next Saturdays HORSE Event, so hopefully my winning streak can continue for at least another week, as I imagine the WCOOP Event will pay good dividends if I can cash.

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