Sunday, September 28, 2008

PL WSOP at DTD Pt1 - Pot Limit Omaha

A long time since the last post, but not really much happened in my Poker exploits of late - except for yesterdays inaugural Punters Lounge WSOP at DTD Nottingham. The whole day had been organised by 2 Punters Lounge 'Mods' - Graham 'Morslpin' and Andy 'Valiant123', so before I elaborate on the day itself, I must give a big shout of thanks to them (and Andy's lovely young lady, Samantha) for putting together such a fantastically organised event.

The day started with a meet up at DTD around 2:00pm on Saturday, the first 2 people I met up with where 2 of the 'Local' PL Members -Karl 'Jones12345' and Steve 'HappyHornet' - Steve I'd met before, and Karl, a good friend from my Local Poker Club at Creswell, who I had exchanged 10% my/his Tournament winnings with for today's events .

Then a steady stream of Punters Lounge regulars drafted in, people whose names where so familiar, but whose faces where unknown.

'Burnley Joe' .... 'Heniek31' ..... 'Spurman' ..... 'Pocket Lady' .....

Anyway 3:00pm and the first event PLO begins, and it was nice to sit alongside Steve 'HappyHornet' - for one reason, he had as much experience in PLO as I had -zilch-, he's kind enough to laugh at my jokes, I've a fair idea of his game and most importantly he is a Watford fan and had to endure the taunts from myself and Nade (or is that Nadé - or maybe just Tom ?) as the football results are constantly shown via Sky Sports and Sheffield United finally get there first win in 4 games stuffing Watford 2-1.

I was pretty average chipped for most of the game, been forced off a pot with a raise vs re-raise when I'd have been better check calling, then winning a nice pot when with the same guy I get it all-in the middle on a KcQd2c board holding AcAsJcTc and the turn brings a 9 to complete my straight. I then lose a big pot when seeing a flop of 789 (rainbow) whilst holding JTxx, I get a short(ish) stack (GeordieGaz) go all-in for 2300 chips and see a caller to my right (Heniek31) , who has around another 3000 chips behind. I then push all-in (for around 7000) which causes after some deliberation the caller on my right to fold. The initial all-in guy shows Trip 7's and I'm looking good until the river pairs up and 'bang' I'm back down to starting levels again - Heniek had folded 99, and would have won the pot with the bigger full house.
Anyway I remain around average with a few pre-flopPot bets and steals, finally getting onto the final table, albeit as shortstack. First hand of final table and I start in the big blind of 800 - which from my starting stack of 4500 is a big chunk, I eventually decide to push 3 hands later and go out in 9th.
No real missed opportunities apart from the previously mentioned check-call as opposed to raise - so was overall pretty pleased with my first ever PLO live game.
The tournament and first ever PLWSOP Bracelet was won by my WSOP Vegas Buddy, and all round good bloke - Brian 'WASP' Martin.
Also many congratulations to Steve 'HappyHornet' who after benefiting from sitting next to me on our first table for the initial 3 hours of the tournament, and taking on board my expert tuition, went on to finish 2nd.
Then in a gesture which underlined the friendliness of the day Brian gave the winning Prize Money to Steve, he took the second placed money and the coveted 'Bracelet' - along with the winners 'Yellow Hoodie'?!?!

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