Thursday, October 02, 2008

PL WSOP at DTD Pt2 - Hold'em and beyond

After making the final table in the PLO tourney, I was eagerly anticipating the £50 Buy-In Main Event - around 46 Runners lined up, the NLHE actually started before the PLO had finished, so the last 3 in the PLO had there blinds taken in the Hold Em event for the first level.

Anyway I took my seat, and couldn't have asked for a more difficult table to be on, sat to the left of 'The Mole' - who is a Professional Cash Game Player, specialising in Short Handed Cash Games between $25-$200 Blinds. Also on the table was 'The Moles' drinking partner, and fellow 'Glenfiddich Gang' Member - known on PL simply as 'Eck' - he cashed in this years WSOP Main Event, Duncan 'Runadrum' Godfrey who cashed in this Years Aussie Millions and an empty seat soon to be filled by Brian 'WASP' Martin another member of the 'Glenfiddich Gang' and winner of the earlier PLO Event.
Now I was drinking Coffee, Orange and Coke throughout the day, as I was driving home that evening - However 'Mole', 'Eck' and 'WASP' had been knocking back Double Whiskeys for the last 6 hours, which brought a couple of added dynamics to the table - lots of Raises, Re-Raises, Bluffs and also a cracking banter which even though I was getting dealt shite cards made the experience very enjoyable.
One classic example of the drink effect came when I was sat in the Big Blind with J6s and Brian 'WASP' made a 4 Times Big Blind raise from the Button . Mole was sitting in the Small Blind and turned to be calling Brian a 'Cunt' and that he knew he was raising with nothing, whereupon he showed me his cards K8s and said - 'What dya think I should do with these Joe ?', he then realised I was still to act in the Big Blind !! let out a 'Fook Me your the Big Blind' and took my advice to fold them.

My actual play during the game was poor, never saw any sort of hand - I think the best hand I had was KJo which I picked up when UTG, and folded not fancying playing it for a raise,and probable re-raise by the time I was due to act again. I eventually went out a poor 34th when pushing A7 against a Steal attempt from the Small Blind only to find he was Stealing with AA !!

After that I watched Mole and Eck destroy the £1-£2 Cash Table - Mole winning over £800 in just 1 hand. I eventually stayed until around 2:30am just in time to see them reach the cash positions on the final table.
Congratulations to fellow member of our local Poker Club, Kevan 'Carbon14' Ridley, who cashed in 4th Place and to the Overall winner Andy 'Fenners' Fenwick who walked away with almost £1k First Prize, a Winners Bracelet and Yellow Hoodie.

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