Sunday, October 05, 2008

Join a Forum Today

As yuo may be aware, at least if you read my last 3 Posts, that I'm a member of PuntersLounge Forum - now there are numerous Poker Forums out there, I'm also an active member on Raise the River, and there are others out there such as Blonde, AWOP etc. plus the big US Forums Pocket 5's , 2+2 etc.

These are great places for picking up ideas, strategy and for also a laugh or two - but they also put cash in your pocket. This month alone on PuntersLounge there are Money Added tourneys on Poker Trillion, Circus Poker and chance for a WSOP Seat through Paradise Poker. Then the members also come across great 'value' offers - one such was put on the forums last night.

The deal was on Doyles Room poker, simply deposit $75 and you got a free entry into last nights $250k Guaranteed Doyles Room Tournament. End result - cash deposited - finished 206th out of 1300 and ended up $300 to the good - (OK when they realised there faux pas, they added a loyalty points clearance requirement- but that should be cleared within 30 days).

So if you do just one thing today then let me suggest you join a forum, make a contribution in the form of comments and posts, and make yourself some money.

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