Sunday, October 05, 2008

A-A the new 7-2 Offsuit

My last 2 tournaments on Poker Stars I've managed to go out both times holding AA - all the money in Pre-Flop.

- 18 Man STT, very first hand I get AA in Big Blind, the cutoff raises 2 Limpers with a bet of 400, I push all in he shows A5 (both Hearts) , 2 Hearts on the flop and one on the River.

- Then I'm sitting nicely with twice the average chips in the Million Dollar Men Weekly 'David Cheem' Final, and I raise 3*BB UTG, next player re-raises to 7*BB, I push all-in - he calls and turns QQ. - Nice !! - Turn brings his 3rd Queen and I'm out in 7000th

Bugger !!


Amatay said...

7000th, oooo soooo close, ul m8 :-)

goooooood girl said...

i like......