Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spice Up Your Life

I keep a spreadsheet with all my Profit and Loss for each game and identify which of the 3 types of game (Ring,STT,MTT) I have been playing.
Anyway my +/- for this month has been pretty stagnant since my $300 return from the Doyles Room event, I was looking at a consecutive line of 13 losses, and every time I go out it seems to be a bad beat story.
So after reading a similar story of woe in one of the Puntertslounge threads, and noting a piece of advice given by one of the fellow forumites to try a few variant games in an attempt to break the run of bad luck, I logged in to a $5 Stud High Low game - When I used to play my HORSE cash games Stud High Low was probably by best discipline - 4 hours later I'm pleased to say my spreadsheet has a nice + in the profit/loss column - when I take it town for a 1st prize of $140.

...... Zigga Zigga Zig Aaaaah

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Hairy Gymnast said...

I find Stud hi/lo scary!
Or is it posh? Or baby?