Sunday, November 23, 2008

Trouble at the Races

Well ... Still in profit with a decent ROI on the Party STT's, but along with ever other tourney I enter at the minute I'm just getting crippled when I get my money in as big Favorite. I'm trying to play a small ball type of game - which TBH has been working well, but in the later stages of MTT's/STT's you dont have the leeway for much preflop play, and when I push preflop I'm getting the worst of it every time ..... Below are just some of the examples I can remember that have bust me in the last 3 Days. All where I've got all my money in best preflop.

(My Hands First)
AK vs AJ ......... Board 7879T
KK vs AK ........ Board Q86TJ
QQ vs 77 .......... Board 85TT7
AK vs K9d ....... Board 65Ad7dJd

99 vs 72 ...... Board 3287J
Pity the poor bastards when my variance is good !!


BurnleyMik said...

Just moved onto Party myself for the STT's,on Acorns advice. Only playing the $10 ones so far,but seems pretty weak.

Looking at your figures,you seem to be doing well. How did the cash game attempt go? I just packed it in as a bad habit! lol

ANyways,gl at the felt, hope you start winning some of those races!



voiceofjoe said...

Cheers Mik

See the latest post - I'm determined to give the Ring Games another go !!