Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas, bloody Christmas

I detest most of what Christmas stands for, all the expense, buying gifts for people you don't see from 1 year to the next - and even worse buying gifts for kids of the people you don't see from 1 year to the next.
I hate traipsing round stores, jammed full of people trying desperately to find that last minute gift. On top of the gift shopping - what bout the food shopping, costs a fooking fortune all for the sake of one dinner, and tea on boxing day - and all we end up doing is laying on a massive buffet for 5 of us , culmintaing in throwing half of the 'nibbles' in the bin. We still have 2 boxes of breadsticks, and a pack of meringues in the cupboard from last years Christmas Shop.
Doing the house is another pointless chore, a whole day fixing the lights to the guttering in the freezing cold, running round for new Christmas bulbs because last years stopped working whilst being stored in the shed with the lawn mower for the last 350 days.
Then at work, the 2 weeks leading up to the 25th are 4 times busier than normal and everyone is tearing round chasing their own arse's to make sure all the work is completed. They'll no doubt be asking for people to work every Saturday and Sunday up until the 25th, and probably the Weekend between Christmas and New Year ...................

................... 'Goodwill to All', my arse !!

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Cloudy said...

Merry Christmas - One and All!!