Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Holidays

To remove me from the depressing thoughts of Christmas, I booked a holiday last week for the missus and me - We have had a small savings scheme for the last 10 yrs, and it came to fruition last week, I think I made £50 more than I've paid in over the period !!
Anyway its returned enough so we could book a 2 Week Caribbean Cruise at the end of March '09, its our 25th Wedding Anniversary next year so its a nice treat for both of us, however being the tight arse thrifty person that I am I've booked the lowest grade cabins - which offer a 'free' upgrade if other grades of cabins are still available at the time of cruising.
Although if we end up with the lowest grade cabins, whilst they still look clean and compact, it will mean we spend our first holiday together (without having kids or family in tow) in 25yrs sleeping in Twin beds !! - I'm such a romantic at heart.

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Cloudy said...

Who says the age of romance is dead??

I've never been on a cruise - have been on a rowing boat though - didn't really enjoy that - although I'm guessing they're a little different.

Congrats on the 25!