Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rumours of my death, are greatly exaggerated

As the New Year beckons, I thought I'd better post an entry otherwise people would be thinking the Christmas excesses had done for me.
A pretty steady Christmas has been and gone, didn't have much in the way of weird, or wonderful presents - and most of the presents I did get have already been returned, due to the fact that they didn't fit. So I've put the money aside and will purchase new clothes when I'm back down to a more reasonable XL Size !!
I've now begun daily exercise, which currently is a 20 minute fast(ish) walk, but hopefully by the middle of next month will build up to be a 15 minute run (obviously with more distance covered also ...)
Pokerwise I had a fair 4th on William Hills SuperSeries for £260, it could have been a lot more but the connection went while we were all close on the final table, and I got back in 30 minutes later to see I'd been blinded out. I get to keep a third of that win as I'm stood in with 2 other guys on PuntersLounge in the same tourney. I also won a small Omaha Tourney on Betfair for an $80 return.
I've also treated myself to the Small Stakes version of Hold'em Manager in (yet) another bid to become a successful cash player - without much success so far, hey but there's always next year.
Our local Poker Club have created their own small 'Forum', which will allow us to enter some Team Competitions in 2009 - http://www.aceofclubspoker.co.uk/ (Good Luck with this Lou,Mike and Mair)
And finally I would like to a special thank you to PAYSAFE, who had a fantastic promotion running in the November editions of Poker Player and Inside Poker, whereby you bought a £10 Paysafe Voucher and they gave you a card (within the magazine) that doubled your £10 to £20.
So every £2-50 magazine you bought carried with it a free £10 - !!
I managed to get my hands on 21 Magazines, and I know a lot of people that managed a whole lot more.
That's it for now, back in the New Year - Happy 2009 to both my readers !!


Gavin said...

Nice going.
What's your screen name on WillHill. I will look out for you?


voiceofjoe said...

Mart02011 .... I think it was probably the first site I ever played poker on. Hence its not my usual

'voiceofjoe' or variant thereof

goooooood girl said...

your blog is very fine......