Thursday, January 01, 2009

Decembers and 2008 Total

Well another year over ....(a new one just begun ...)

After sorting out the transfers from the William Hill cash earlier in the month, and accounting for those Paysafe Card profits, my final profit for December stands at $480-30, which gives me a total for the year of $2521-83, which, while not as good as 2007, I'm happy enough with as for long stretches of the year I was working away Monday-Friday with no Online Poker access.

The coming year I hope to better 2007's figure - I'd love to average around $400 a month profit - so around $5k for the year is my 'aim for the stars' Target.
I'm going to persevere with my attempts at becoming a successful cash player, although my attempts in this field may well hamper my $5k for the year target !!
I will (attempt to) get to an APAT somewhere this year, and also aim to play the APAT National League on Blue Square whenever possible
I'd also really like to win a trip, of some sorts, Vegas for the WSOP would be great - although even its just a GUKPT at Bolton I wouldn't mind.
On the qualifying path I will also play a few more (non rebuy) satellites for the bigger events with the intention of seeing how my play holds up against the Bigger buy in sharks.

Hopefully everything drops into place, and if not, I'll hopefully enjoy myself trying .... See you all at the tables


Gavin said...

Nice going mate.

I think one of my goals should be to enjoy poker again and playing less might help.

Good luck in 2009

poker outings for a confused mind said...

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