Thursday, January 15, 2009

Slow Start.....

I don't seem to be getting anything going Poker wise yet in 2009 - Hence lack of updates.
Not losing much, not winning much.
I've been playing a few more MTT's than normal and only getting a few top 20 finishes, or the odd final table without finishing in top 3, which is probably why the profit column is currently a loss column. One win in an MTT and 'Hey Presto' the losing month is now the winning month.
So I'll keep plugging away and the win will come - in truth I feel I've not been making too many errors, so hopefully I'll win my share of races at the right times and things will change for the better.

During the month of January I have found a 'new' network - Merge Network - and found it to be a cracking site, they allow US Players, which is a bonus in my opinion, all the positives from other networks are there - its not overly populated and hopefully it will provide a nice source of winnings in the future

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