Sunday, January 25, 2009

Everything comes to he who waits

Hurray !!
After a frustrating month in the MTT's I eventually got a nice cash tonight - my biggest ever winnings in money, as my WSOP had most of the value in the Trip and Event Buy-In.

And to make it even better it came in a freeroll !

Poker Trillion sponsored a $5k Freeroll for the Punters Lounge forum, as a prize for winning a 9 match series against Blonde Poker Forum, so with 56 to beat and Top Ten paid, I bode my time and eventually 4hrs later won first prize of $1450.

I must also put some praise out to Poker Savvy+ Training site, as I have been watching a few of their MTT videos over the past month, and noticed a few leaks in my game that needed plugging. Pushing ranges, 3 betting, hand ranges and more discipline required when facing the re-raise.

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