Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Live Tournament

It was the final leg of the Befred Poker Player Grand Prix on Monday night, and my poor performance didn't distract from the fact I'd already accumulated enough points to qualify for the Live tournament - to be held on Saturday 2nd May at 'The Western Club' in London.

I'm hoping they'll be giving a few expenses to go towards the cost of accommodation and travel -I'm sure they did in previous years. My fellow 'Ace of Clubs' member 'Mike Saban' missed the top 30 qualifiers by a solitary point - but hopefully he can get entry by being the 2nd Alternate - as I'm sure not all the qualifiers will stump up the cost of the weekend away.

Its a $10K Prize Pool with $3.5k for the winner - paying top 10 finishers. My live game has been poor this year, so I'm hoping I hit an overdue purple patch in time for the final


BurnleyMik said...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news mate, but there is no cost towards travel and accomodation. (well there wasn't the year before last).

Good luck in it mate!

Keep us updated!


PS, nice to see you still grinding out profit month after month. What games do you mainly play now?

voiceofjoe said...

Cheers Mick

I'm doing OK on the cash tables at the minute low-stakes :) Nothimg major but around $100 up since Jan

- also the odd win here/and there in an MTT - for someone like me that doesnt play many - soon bumps the profit up.

I cant seem to get the 18man STT's working for me though this year ?