Sunday, March 29, 2009

Punching above my weight

I entered a $60 Buy-In MTT on Betfair last night, after having won the Money via a Syndicated game on Punters Lounge - whereby the top ten in the Syndicated game get a Percentage of any winnings I make by using that tourneys winnings to buy into a bigger game than we would normally play.

Anyway played the $5k guaranteed on Betfair, which had a nice overlay of around $750 - with just 77 runners lining up. Played very steadily, not taking the 'stupid' races I can tend to take in these longer tournaments (which are mainly induced through boredom).

3 hours later made the final table and eventually ended up winning $400 for a 5th placed finish ($220 for me and $180 split between the other syndicate winners)

Enjoyed it greatly and I think the thought that I was playing with other peoples money concentrated my mind a little more.

Anyway this followed on from my first live cash of the year in the Ace of Clubs Friday night Deepstack - which saw me finish in ( a slightly disappointing TBH) 6th place for £35 - I think in this instance my patience did run out when, on a very tight final table, I pushed over the shortstack with crap - and didn't realise they weren't as short as I first thought, when they turned QQ against my 68off suit !!

That crippled me, which aligned with the time of 4am !!! saw me pushing my last 8000 chips with A8 into AQ.

But on the positive side those two wins will mean I (probably) post another winning month for March

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