Saturday, April 25, 2009 the small print

Whilst trying to withdraw some of my Redkings winnings, I hit a problem with the withdrawal facility - so contacted the On-Line support. After explaining my problem I was not pleased to find out that, due to a $30 Bonus I took advantage of when I first signed up - the requirements of that Bonus was to generate 1000 Player Points before I can withdraw ANY money .... nothings ever as simple as it first seems !!

So after checking my current Player Points balance and finding it stood at 12.15 I realised I'd better practice my cash game on Redkings. So 2 days in and I'm now standing at a mighty impressive 31.95 pts - Wooooo !! - and its taken around 500 hands of $10NL to get there, its going to be a long slog.
Hopefully I'll have some money left by the time I get to a 1000 pts.
My first 500 hands yielding a less than impressive profit of $4-61 - not helped by a misclick call, instead of fold, for $15 with 85s vs 2 bigger stacks.Needless to say I didn't get lucky.

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