Thursday, April 30, 2009

TV Poker Stars ... Humph

I've been watching the new season of High Stakes Poker over on your Tube, every Tuesday/Wednesday someone has published the previous weeks Episode. Interesting how easy it is being a critique of someone else when you can see everyones cards !

The 3 most impressive players (so far) this series have been 'Tom 'Duurrr' Dwan', Joe Hachem and Patrik Antonious.
The three most disappointing have been 'Daniel 'Kid Poker' Negraneau' his play in the first set of shows was little better than amateur - failing to extract maximum value from winning hands and playing atrociously in some of his losing hands - his JJ vs Benyamines Quads sticks out. Another esthablished star who has played very weakly,is Howard Lederer, overbetting strong hands and folding hands whilst having the best of it - these points led to 'Durrr' 4 betting him preflop whilst holding 86o against Lederers AKs (Dwan won the pot with a pair of 8's). Finally, and this may seem almost blasphemous, is Doyle 'Big Pappa' Brunson - Doyle not because he lost money, I think he was profitable on the session, but for his complete lack of flair or adventure.

Going, some way, to show that the 'new' breed of Internet player has overtaken the old guard even in the 'Live' Arena - although 'Ziggimund' did try his best to redress the balance.

The above expert analysis was provide for you by an, almost, profitable NL10 player ...... :)

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