Saturday, May 02, 2009

Aprils Summary

Thanks to the MTT Win on Redkings April was another profitable month - even though I was on holiday for the first 17 days or so.

Finished with a profit of $841-10, which I'm pleased with.

May will see me continue chipping away at the Micro Stakes cash on Redkings in an effort to work off my 1000 Player Points, so I can withdraw Aprils winnings !

Also tomorrow (Saturday) see's myslef and Mike Saban vebture 'Dawn Sarf' for the Betfred/Poker Player Magazine live final. Hopefully it will be poorly attended :) . There will be a maximum 40 players, 8th place will cover my expenses for the trip - anything better than that and its all good. The first prize is $3500 which would go nicely towards the next cruise.

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